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I miss my radio shack mach ones

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    I was looking at the Radio Shack catalog archive online and noticed in the 1986 catalog that they had the original tweeter that was in the first Mach One, the bullet tweeter available for sale separately.
    It said that the frequency response for it was 8000 to 18,000 and not 25,000, most likely a typo but one that could have cost them in lost sales.


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      When I was in high school, one of our teachers used to DJ a lot of the school dances & functions, and he used 2 pair of Mach 2 speakers. 2 pair of them would completely fill a high school gym with sound. As a budding audiophile, I always loved how those sounded, and every once in a while I consider buying a used pair until I remember that I already have way too many sets of large, unused speakers around. Maybe I'll still end up with a pair of some pop up close enough and cheap enough.

      It's great to see folks trying to recreate those old Mach 1s.


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        Everyone misses something as they get older . . .

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          My best friend in HS had the Mach II's. Wonderful speakers!
          Break in period = The time it takes for the new speakers to break in. And the time it takes for you ears to get adjusted to the new speakers.