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Inspired by the Phantom - 3D printed project

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  • Inspired by the Phantom - 3D printed project

    Finally some success with a completed 3D printed project, 12v batteries supply and yes you guessed it, the dreaded Passive Radiator.

    This particular build/design criteria was to successfully finish a devilant phantom inspired Bluetooth speaker, which due to the shape would be 100% 3d printed as i dont own a lathe to do it in timber.

    As i had a pair of ND65-4 drivers from another build (where i had issues with BT/AMP) i decided to use them with the intention of buying another pair later on to put back into the gorillas boombox. There was two options for this, with having two mid range capable drivers firing outwards with a singular tweater firing frontwards, which would need a much larger enclosure, but be more like an acutal phantom, or what i went with having a mono setup with two passive radiators. The ND65-4 was the best suited driver for the size, coupled with the ND90 PR's. Thinking out aloud, potentially the passive aggressives would have made a good option as well with the larger driver.

    The enclosure was 0.06cuft (ish thinking its a little larger) with a F0 of 67hz (F3 of 60hz), to achieve this with the PR's, one of the supplied weights was removed from each side making it 7g of added mass (per PR). The scenario was also simulated of 0.05cuft, assuming some space is lost to the battery board and amp etc, which changed the F0/F3 by +3hz respectively.

    The unit is powered by the KAB-60m mono amplifier and a Wondom 3S battery board. There wasnt much useful infomation on either board to say if the KAB actually provided the charging capabilities like the JAB (Wondom variant) does, but i'm taking the gamble as both companies appear to have the exactly same products. If there is a failure here, i will just replace the JAB with the KAB equivilant. I sourced 3x Sony 18650 VTC6 batteries from a Vaping supply shop locally, which was good as i didnt realise those places sold brand name batteries. The KAB-60m board, does like one reviewer has mentioned on the PE products page, not like the 12v setup, with some distortion happening after 80% volume, which i also tested with the 19v power brick and it corrected the issue....but lets face it, it is a 60w mono amplifier and trying to push a 2inch driver is always going to sound a bit meh and i was just being a bit silly anyhow pushing it that hard.

    Bit silly, but designed a BT logo with a recess for the onboard light, plus the left eye of the gorilla lights up when on and the right when the unit is charging.

    Not sure if a BSC would doing anything of value, but would be interested to know if people think otherwise. Overall, a fun project in both design in AutoCAD, modelling in WiniSD and printing and extremely satisfying when it actually works as intended.

    Had some issues with the video being partially blocked due to copyright of the music, so might need to redo this and give the middle finger to that particular track. The video doesnt really do it justice as the free video editing software has reduced the quality on an already average quality phone recording, the sound is also quite loud with more than enough bass for me.

    Youtube -

    Also, as all the hard work was done with the CAD, i've scaled and printed a baby one, which will run the BF37 driver, with 2x DMA58 PR's, just more curious how it will sound more than anything (included in the bottom photo).

    Parts list





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    following on from some working threads

    Some more photos
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      I'm not sure how these sound, but it's really cool that you can make (print) these. They LOOK terrific.


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        Nice to see it finished!


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          Originally posted by Chris Roemer View Post
          I'm not sure how these sound, but it's really cool that you can make (print) these. They LOOK terrific.
          the smaller one was a bit of a rush job trying to use a Viston BF37 and 2 of the DMA58 PR's and i sounded average, cant say i liked it at all. The bigger one is great, sounds unreal for a mono bluetooth speaker and the 12v battery board works well with the DA Kab160 amp, albeit probably too much power for such a small driver. I'm actually enjoying using this one when working at my desk. There isnt much that i would change on that build, with the exception of trying to refine the printing process and get those passive covers to clip in for easy access. One thing ill note, buying these amps and battery boards made by DA and Sure/wondom make these end result so much better, no burnt fingers from soldering, no trouble shooting why something isnt working, just basically plug, play and walk away