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Cheapo Sansui S-1000 upgrade

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    Although I appreciate the knowledge of some of the people here, I never asked for any help or opinions, that's not what this thread is about. I already know what I want to do, and that is to breath some life back into some pretty old (FREE)speakers. And the one finished cabinet sounds great to my ears, maybe a bit bright which an L-pad could fix. I could also address some potential cabinet resonances due to the quality of materials like particle board which all 80's over the shelf speakers were made of back then, but then again that's what gives it character.

    And once phase 1 is complete which is when both cabinets have the crossovers and speakers installed, I just decided on a phase 2 plan to completely renovate the exterior with fresh paint and veneer etc...
    Oh and the foam is actually in perfect condition on both cabs somehow.

    Below is a pic of one of the finished cabs, it's dirty from the saw dust.
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    Break in period = The time it takes for the new speakers to break in. And the time it takes for you ears to get adjusted to the new speakers.