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A pair of Classix 2.5

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  • A pair of Classix 2.5

    Hi All

    Just want to show pictures of my finished Classix 2.5's.
    Build with a circular saw, with a homemade sledge, a router and a jigsaw.

    Sound is amazing!

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    Well done! I love builds from similarly under-tooled folks like myself
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      Wow! With a shop full of tools I don't think I could have produced any better workmanship! The inside pic really shows the level of workmanship and attention to detail that is difficult without all the conveniences of a well equipped shop. My hat's off to you.
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        Nice work.


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          Those look great!! I am for sure loving mine. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk


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            Great work with simple setup!

            How does the bottom port exit through the base?



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              Thank you all for the positive comments!

              Andy, I raised the speaker with 3 hollowed "plates", and placed spikes underneath. I opened up the back for more airflow.
              But! The floor is interacting with the port, so i needed to account for it in the portlength.


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                This is amazing especially for the limited tools you used such as myself. My first car Subwoofer box was made with a circular saw and straight edge.
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                  Great job! Sorry I missed this post earlier.
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                    Thank you again for the design Paul. I've been searching for a speaker like this for many years. A FUN! speaker, that plays modern music without ripping your ears apart