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  • Spaltify Bookshelf Speakers

    Finished my winter speaker building project. I call them Spaltify. The bookmatched veneer fronts are spalted maple. First time designing everything from scratch, and first time doing veneer. A very satisfying project and they sound awesome! The RST28F-4 tweeters and RS180-4 woofers are a great match.

    Cabinets are 3/4 MDF with 3 coats of Zinnser oil-based primer followed by 5 coats of Krylon black lacquer, wet sanded from 1500-3000 on the last 3 coats. Finished with 3 coats of semi-gloss lacquer and a final rubbing with Meguiar's Ultimate Compound and waxing with Meguiar's Ceramic Wax. Face frames are red oak with 3 coats of Jacobean stain and finished with lacquer then wax. The veneer was finished with 3 coats of polyurethane then wax.

    I used a Jasper circle jig to route the holes. Cutting the holes in the veneer was the most stressful part of the project. Only one small mistake that is hard to see unless you know it's there. The dampening material is Frost King cotton insulation.

    Thanks to everyone on the forum that shares their knowledge and experiences - it was an invaluable resource for this project!

    More build pics are here:

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    Love the wave-forms in the maple!

    Your frequency response graphs look great too as they dip right in that annoying ~ 2KHz region.

    Really nice job, sir.


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      Thanks Steve!

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    Visually, very well executed! Will need to look into that veneer for my next project.


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      Just a nitpick note-
      The 6.5kHz breakup is only -10dB from reference level. This really should be -25dB or more below to become less of a concern. I would experiment with an LC across the woofer; maybe 0.1mH and 10uF as a starting point.

      Visually, they look very nice!

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        Thanks Wolf - I'm a rookie, can explain what you are seeing and what do you mean by "across the woofer"?

      • Wolf
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        Place the L and C in series, and then attach one leg to the woofer (+) and the other leg to the (-).
        The cap should likely be between 4.7uF and 10uF, I'm betting about 5.6-6.8uF as a result.
        Even with the 10uF value, I'm betting it will be strongly audible the difference you hear.
        Just a thought for something to play with.

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        Gotcha - thanks Wolf