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    Just finished my Samba MT build. Very happy with the imaging and bass response. I think I had seen reviews complaining about the lack of bass, so I guess I have been missing out. My other two bookshelf speakers are Kef Reference 101 (re-capped) and Rega RS-1. I love them both, but I like these better.

    Might be hard to tell from the pictures, but these are veneered. I have built and veneered other speakers in the past and this time I thought I'd try a water based stain. Unfortunately it turned out really blotchy and frankly ugly even though I used a wood conditioner so I just went ahead and painted them. I Like how they look, but would have rather seen more of the wood grain.

    The only change from the plans is that I ordered mills resistors to replace the sand cast ones and ordered the circuit board and label off of ebay.

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    Nice job. They give you a label, neat.


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    Yes, nicely done. DIY is all about recovering from our learning opportunities...;-)