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Intimidation: Eminence NSW4018-8

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  • Intimidation: Eminence NSW4018-8

    Im building a pr of these beasts for a permanent install. They will be flush mounted into a wall, about 10 feet from the floor. Mains will be a pr of JBL CBT 1000s. Amps are a trio of Crown XLS2502s with each sub receiving a bridged 1500w and the mains 775w.

    Anyway, the subs come in at 5.25 cu ft with a slot port measuring in at 56.25 sq in and 24ish long for an Fb of 32hz. In doing some "just for fun" testing, feeding one of them 900w from a Behringer EP1500 and only using a 30hz 12db HP, I am very impressed. It's clean!!! The midrange is much better than I would have expected. I set the mic 21 ft from the sub, 12.5" from the ground. As i was just at the clipping point on the mixer and amp, the mic was measuring 110db on music.

    As far as the name, it was intimidating the heck out of our dogs lol. Fortunately I also live in the country and have some very understanding neighbors lol!

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    Measurements. Take the freq response with a grain of salt. Distortion and FR were taken at 90db set by track 1 of the test disc
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