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    Originally posted by DeZZar View Post

    GASP!! Leave this forum immediately!!!

    hahaha.....jokes. Great first build.

    I'm guessing your internal volume is around 6.5L net with port, crossover etc considered. If that's the case your current ports tune the enclosure to around 58hz.

    Assuming the 80hz high pass mimics 2nd order roll-off the maximum power handling is around 90watts for these two woofers and at this level they are producing just north of 102-104db (a little less with the crossover factored in) but the potential issue is the port velocity with your chosen dimensions is up around 50meters a second (WITH the 80hz high pass filter) - essentially a hair dryer. Its over 80+ m/s without the high pass filter and max power.

    Whether you hear this and find it unpleasant or not is entirely your call.

    Two ports with an internal diam of 1inch and a length of 4.75 inch would provide the same tuning and reduce the port velocity to something more reasonable at typical listening levels (19m/s @ 100db w/ 40watts)
    A hairdryer you say? That’s an interesting and rather alarming analogy. Perhaps I will make those ports bigger. Thank you for that information.


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      Originally posted by randyohoh View Post
      Using real numbers will push actual measured performance closer to calculated / modeled performance.
      I understand what you are saying here, but I'm not making the Space Shuttle. I'm not going to sweat miniscule differences and do not believe that a hundreth of an inch translates to any significant practical audio difference in the real world environment while I am watching The Hunt for Red October.


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