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    A few months ago fabricated a pair of Rediscovery II's, didn't know what I was going to do with them, but I knew I needed to update the 2-channel system.
    Talked the wife into a road trip to go look at streamers, which I didn't know much about. The HiFi shop had plenty on display - in various rooms. Great! We selected one. The sales team said you'll want to run a dedicated Ethernet line to the steamer; ok, ok, no problem. They also mentioned you'll want a good [internet] router, etc..
    It all went well, better than I thought, a few steps to set it up and thanks to youtube videos and our neighborhood has remarkable internet service.
    The sound stage is amazing, could cut it with a knife; close my eyes for a while and just drift off somewhere idk.
    This could be considered a kit build, plans are on-line.

    They measure beautifully and with a revelator mid-woofer have great bass!

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    Nice looking project.


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      Beautiful work!
      I've always wanted to hear those Revelator drivers... maybe someday.
      Jazzman's DIY Electrostatic Loudspeaker Page


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        Have you a link to the on-line plans?

        I have the 8 Ohm Revelator and am interested in this lovely looking speaker you have constructed.


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          Thank you all for the feedback!

          Jazzman, I said the same thing about owning a pair, and never would have have until I worked with a customer that was using them in his designs.

          I didn't purchase the kit, I had xo components, only needed the drivers.
          [link removed]

          Attaching another pic, I'm liking this ploy than others that I have used in the past.
          A simple miter box, rabbit the back edge for 3/4" back and then simply blue-tape/glue the 4 sides all at once.
          This will only work if the panels are absolutely square and the long 45 degree bevels are cut accurately!
          After a few hours after gluing, remove the tape and use scrap 45 degree strips on the inside for corner reinforcement.
          The baffle is pieced together, on a 1/4" panel that fits inside the box - which is a full 1" once completed.
          [like a deep rabbit cut - without the cutting]
          The small strip between the side is banding tape and the wood end-grain is super smooth.
          Used the plastic flare ports; the connection tube cannot be seen (and still a 1/4" too long per plans).
          Since the xo's are somewhat large, the back is attached with screws.
          The wood strips sides are Teak.

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            PE really doesn't like competing retailer links.

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            Are the sides, etc. solid wood (maple?)? Very nice looking build.