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    So I moved things around, with each new placement lowering the speakers tweeter to ear height and each time there was a great improvement. I have the tweeters now at ear level and the sound is incredible. They seem extremely sensitive to vertical placement, at least below the tweeter.

    I had two subs, one in each corner but I've moved them out and they are now the stands for the Amiga's. I think this sounds better and is easier to integrate than having them in the corners, the timing feels better.

    I was curious, I wanted to get a minidsp like device to split my signal between tops and subs, but having owned one before and being unhappy with it's degredation in sound quality, I'm wondering my alternatives are that don't cost a bunch. Is it possible to just toss one of the 80hz passive filters available at PE in line with the Amiga's or does this not really work?


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      Anyone know how to drop the tweeter by 1-2db? I know it was mentioned previously but I'm not that familiar with crossover topology. One user mentioned it could be a simple resistor over the right spots. I still find these speakers just bright.


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        Boy this forum is kinda dead, guess I'll just folks at ASR.


        • Colonel7
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          Ask on the TechTalk Forum. You're in the Speaker Gallery. My guess is that people see Amiga and don't click on it because it's a finished design and been out awhile.

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        I did ask there, even in a thread that Paul is in. I also asked about a possible cabinet related cancellation and got no reply. I got the info I needed at ASR.


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          Oh no, has anyone ever had a tweeter leak ferrofluid? One of the tweeters on the speakers I noticed had some sort of pooling liquid on the bottom of it's dome. I wiped it off but it just came back, the other tweeter appears fine. Should I contact PE?


          • Geoff Millar
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            Of course, that doesn't sound normal


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          Def not, PE rise to the occasion and is shipping a replacement. First time I've ever run into something like this, but yeah it's ferro fluid, brown. I wiped it off but it just pooled up again.