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Vinyl automotive wrap?

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  • Vinyl automotive wrap?

    Has anyone tried using automotive vinyl wrap as a finish on speakers? If so, how did it turn out? Pictures would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I've used it a lot, in my car.

    The surface has to be very smooth and non-porous, so be it MDF or plywood it would need to be filled and primed. An adhesion promoter is a good idea as well. To apply it you'd pull the backing off one edge of the vinyl, put that edge on the cab, then press the vinyl down gradually, getting the air bubbles out, pulling the backing off as you go.

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      I've used it a couple times. In my mind it's a good fix for test cabinets that you may/may not finish in the future but want to at least temporarily protect them or make them presentable. You obviously need to put some sort of finish on the cabinets first. On these ones I used a couple coats of BIN shellac and sanded after each coat. I used a sheet of 5' x 9' KPMF vinyl I bought on clearance for like $50 so it was cheap compared to other alternatives.

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        I've used the vinyl wrap PE sells. With more practice my results would likely be better. Click image for larger version

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          Also keep in mind there are different types of vinyl. Some are classified as removable, semi-finals permanent and permanent. I only know because my wife has one of those Cricket printers and works with them on a regular basis.