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Dual Woofer Floor Standing Speakers

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  • Dual Woofer Floor Standing Speakers

    I started my first speaker design course in Feb. '21 and have since made 4 pairs of speakers including an awesome 12" sub. I've got the bug!
    Now, I feel up to a new challenge and I am looking for some advice as noted below. First, the project: floor standing, high-end speakers with 2 woofers each + tweeter + bass reflex, high end wood veneer finish. Advice needed:
    - how to design the dual woofer system? Am assuming wired in parallel, have read info that they should be in a separate box self-contained inside the speaker box itself? Vas is 2x so that is what I enter into design calculation software (WinISD)?
    - type of crossover? Next course I take will involve Xsim. Is this all I need to do and can figure it out with some knowledge and experience?
    - am leaning towards Dayton Esoteric woofers (5.5" or 7") x 2 plus higher end tweeter TBD. Any thoughts?

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    Wrong forum section. Post in Tech Talk.


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