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PS95 and Tang Band 2.1 build

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  • PS95 and Tang Band 2.1 build

    I recently finished a pair of desktop speakers and a subwoofer for under the desk. I built the speakers with a slot port and tuned them somewhere between 80-85Hz using WinISD. The 5.25" subwoofer is also a slot port design and tuned somewhere between 30-35Hz. I have to give a big thanks to BOBinGA for sharing his PS95 build. I basically took his design and altered the height and depth to better fit my setup, using his contour filter as well. I'm powering everything with the Dayton DTA 2.1BT amp. Still breaking in but everything is sounding really great! That little Tang Band is impressive, it will rattle the window if I really crank it up
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    Build pics


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      More build pics


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        Nice job, the paint looks good.


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          Thank you!

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        Nice setup! I made a w5 tuned to 32hz myself but with a 2inch precision port. I think the dimensions are almost the same. Out of my head i think it was 45 x 33 x 18 cm