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    Yeah, now I'm wondering if I go veneer.. Maybe just go all out and do the front too. I've seen folks redo Forte's that way after chopping off the front border and it looks damn sexy.

    I'd just be doing red oak, but I've got a couple step process to give it a walnut like tone that I'm interested to try again.


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      Cut out the terminal cup holes and got more router work done. Kinda messed up on the port holes and recesses. They are a little too small. My circle jig is just a piece of 1/2" ply screwed to he router base. I drill a hole at the appropriate distance and use a finish nail as my pin. I think I may have measured to the outside of the nail instead of the center. Would be a ton of sanding to fix the inner hole. I think I might just sand down the ribs on the port instead. Then pop the port in and run a box cutter or xacto knife around the outside to trim the recess larger. If I'm not messing something up and fixing it then I'm not breathing I guess.

      Sorry about the extra clutter. I'm working on the house at the same time and have to move some stuff in this room to get it out of the way.

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        No work done on the project today, just finishing up on some wiring on the house and moving on to putting up drywall.

        Though I am gearing up to do battle with the veneer. 4'x8' of red oak veneer ready to go. I ended up just biting the bullet and getting the gallon of weldwood. Still have to figure out resizing the hole and recess for the port and do some filling and touchups on the enclosure first.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Steve Lee
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          I'm interested in your brown red oak finish . . .

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        Here is a taste Steve. The photo was taken outside in the daylight so it appears a little lighter than it normally looks, but it really shows off the color variations that gave me a very walnut vibe. Though, the veneer on the plywood started much lighter tone than standard red oak.. I used the "B-side" of the panel, which seemed more interesting (typical for me lol) and I'm guessing might have been sapwood. I'm thinking typical red oak will end up darker with the same treatment. for examples: 2nd pic is before finish, and 3rd pic is of a remaining piece of that plywood I used for the baffle on another build that I'm still listening to, but haven't finished. You can see the unfinished but oxidized pine next to it looks much darker.

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          Looks nice - I can see a bit of the red hue in the oak with the walnut stain which is desirable to me.