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  • Peerless Epique project TL

    Hi all,
    I am fairly a newbie and had great help and guidance from people on this forum for my previous project. It turned out amazing and am on to my next one. I am combining the EPIQUE180 and the Peerless DA32TX00 in a transmission line set up. I have come up with this crossover and some advice/check/opinion would be greatly appreciated.
    Crossover at 2000 Hz seems ok looking at the graphs of both speakers. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am always learning.
    Many many thanks
    ​Click image for larger version

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    You basically have NO "baffle-step compensation".
    For the "full" amount (for speakers out in the room, away from walls) I'd make the L-pad: SR = 6n(ohms) and PR = 3n (we're cutting the tweeter by about -12dB). Your 5uF series cap should be okay, but I'd make the "shunt" coil (to ground) a bit smaller, say 0.90mH.

    A "Zobel" using a 10n resistor and a 25uF cap should flatten out the impedance rise.
    For the (2nd order) low-pass filter I'd try a low DCR (iron-core) 1.5mH coil, and a 12uF shunt cap.

    This should work a bit better than your "textbook"-style filters. Fc is 2kHz, and it runs around 78dB resulting in an easy-to-drive 8ohm nominal load.


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      Thank you Chris, again for your help which is greatly appreciated. Reworked the pic below and hope I have done the right thing based on your advice. One clarification though the iron core better than air core ?

      Click image for larger version  Name:	advanced-circuit.png Views:	0 Size:	10.1 KB ID:	1491595


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        I modeled the woofer using a 1.5mH coil w/a DCR of 0.3 ohms.
        For a low(er) DCR (reasonably priced) coil (0.3 ohms), you can either go with an iron core, OR you can use an air core w/a higher DCR.
        If you used one with 1.3 ohms, the woofer might lose -1dB?


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          Thanks very much Chris. Will let you know when its done. Your previous advice on the EPIQUE with Fountek NeoX1 was fab. It worked so well that I even thought that's the best sound I have heard from a stand mount. Many many thanks. I am waiting for the UMIK mike and then learn how to test. I want to also learn how to do crossovers properly. Any suggestions ?