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  • Anunnaki's Projects

    This thread is designed to be updated with items/projects as I find time to do them.

    I have done a few builds for myself or for customers. I mostly dabbled in the nether world of sub enclosures but have more recently been going after monitor type designs as well.

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    Re: Anunnaki's Projects

    Here is my current home/reference subwoofer.

    In room response at listening position corrected +/-3.5db from 15hz-84hz (approx. -15db below reference output levels):

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      Re: Anunnaki's Projects


      We're WAITing!!!!:D

      You go your way, I'll go mine. I don't care if we get there on time.

      ~Pink Floyd


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        Re: Anunnaki's Projects

        Oh, crap, you got some pics up before I posted....Sorry!:o

        You go your way, I'll go mine. I don't care if we get there on time.

        ~Pink Floyd


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          Re: Anunnaki's Projects

          Here was a more recent project I completed for good friend of mine. He wanted great bass with no space so I devised a custom inwall solution in his basement finishing project.

          This turned out MUCH better than anticipated and offers excellent room filling bass. 102db output in room at the seating position at 22hz from (2) 8" woofers and 300 watts rms!!

          I still do not have this dialed in completely yet but it does sound very nice overall.

          Foam isolation strips applied to face of enclosure:

          The enclosure's new home in my buddy's wall:

          "Floating" enclosure mounted:

          Enclosure dry walled & mudded over:

          Primed prior to paint & woofers loaded:

          Painted, woofers loaded, grille frame on right:

          Front of room with grilles installed & TV mounted:


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            Re: Anunnaki's Projects

            Full active 2-way I-pod project for my wife. This uses the B&G NEO 3 PDR and the Dayton RS150 6".

            Rear view bracing installed:

            Front view bracing and some rockwool installed:

            Front baffle attached w/holes cut. I totally messed up the tweeter opening unfortunately. No leaks or anything, it just looks really poorly done:

            Finished, poor quality camera for picture though. :( I used a hammered texture paint which looks weird. With a poor camera like that was used it looks quite bad. Thank fully the real world result looks much beter!


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              Re: Anunnaki's Projects

              Neat. What driver is that in the first sub project?


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                Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                This was a paid build I did for a customer. JL audio 13W1v2 in a vented enclosure tuned to 22hz. Ground plane measurements at 2 meters yielded 106db at 20 with the 300 watt rms BASH amplifier. In house this is a stellar performer at a bargain. It sounds very nice as well. It was hard to let it go in some ways since it sounded so nice.

                Bracing pieces:

                Internal vent piece:

                Coming together:

                Bracing assembled:

                Bracing attached to internal vent pieces:

                Dry fit of bracing & vent assembly:

                Recess for BASH 300 plate amp:

                Assembled and edges finished:

                Driver used:

                Textured finish applied:

                Rear view amp installed:

                Woofer installed, grille guides installed:

                Completed with grille attached:


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                  Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                  Here is a new project I am working on for a customer. This will be an in-ceiling subwoofer using a Dayton RSS26510-HF. It is tuned to 20hz and offers a vent velocity of just 14m/s. I have tried a combination of window bracing as well as using ribs in this design.

                  Gluing up some final ribs:

                  Binding posts added:

                  Internal shot of binding posts:

                  Since this will be in a ceiling, and internal enclosure rattles cannot be tolerated, the internal wiring is zip tied to the bracing and then held in place with a generous amount of PL adhesive:

                  Internal shot, with some rockwool added:

                  Bottom ready to be attached with additional rockwool attached:

                  Finished for now!

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                    Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                    Future usage 2


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                      Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                      Future usage 3


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                        Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                        Some very nice work here.....
                        Builds - C-Killa - Speedsters - LithMTM - Talking Sticks - Pocket Rockets - Khanspires - Dayton RS Center - RS225/28A - Kairos - Adelphos - SEOS TD12X - Dayton 8 - Needles - 871S - eD6c - Overnight Sensations - Tritrix (ported) - Lineup F4 - Stentorians - The Cheapies - Tub Thumpers - Barbells - Tuba HT - Numerous subwoofers - probably missing a few...... :p


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                          Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                          Very interesting and innovative sub work, Anunnaki. I hope to see more from you in the fuure.
                          Dan N.


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                            Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                            That W7 is a brute!
                            Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.


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                              Re: Anunnaki's Projects

                              wow. you got skills too. the wall unit was a real nice job.
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