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"The Podzuma" v.2 Build

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  • "The Podzuma" v.2 Build

    Working on building my version of "The Podzuma". I will not be using an internal amp like the original "Podzuma" used but instead I am building a pair to used in my work shop. Got a package with drivers and crossover components on Friday and have had minimal time to work on it, as I have been trying to get the transmission fixed in my Blazer. Anyways here are some pictures of the crossover network mock up and assembly from Friday night and today. First time building a passive crossover but I think it turned out decent.

    I hope to get the enclosure built next weekend. Enclosure is slightly smaller then the original "Podzuma" as the internal battery and amplifier have been removed.

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    Re: "The Podzuma" v.2 Build

    The build looks good so far; I'm anxious to see how it turns out. 'Glad you used glue to mount everything. I built a crossover the exact same way using plexiglass, but I used zip-ties to mount the different components. The crossover rattled like crazy and sounded awful from the speaker vibrations.