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Blue Ridge HR1 Refurbish

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  • Blue Ridge HR1 Refurbish

    Just finished a refurbish of Blue Ridges HR1's compact 3-way speaker system!

    The cabinets were in a sad state with the oak veneer starting to peel off and discoloring from too much spray adhesive! Once removed, the cabinets were a challenge getting as much of the adhesive off them as possible. Needless to say a lot of sandpaper was used and probably would have been easier to just build a new set of cabinets for the time consumed in cleaning them up.

    Once MDF was sanded down and cleaned up and resealed, I laminated them with Cherrywood Vinyl Laminate and they came out pretty nice.

    Next step was finding a bit nicer replacement for the MCM 8" woofer. After working with the owner(A Fine Gentleman from Texas) and Bass Box Program, found a nice replacement with PE's buyout "Peerles 831002" 8" Woofer! Got a much better F3 then the MCM could offer for the cabinet size!

    The crossover was also redesigned, using a 1st order Solen Split -6dB design, using Jantzen CrossCap Metalized Poly Caps., Erse 18 ga. Inductors and Mills Resistors.

    Overall, It ended up being quite a bit of work, but the overall end result was really nice and the woofer and crossover upgrades made the little guys just sparkle with life. JM should really like them when they find their way back home to their master. Hoist A Road Soda for me to, when your listening to them:eek: PS~A Big THANKS to Mr. Eric Chandler @ PE for some very useful guideance in this project.....
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    Re: Blue Ridge HR1 Refurbish

    Now those are pretty neat!
    If dynamite was dangerous, do you think they'd sell it to an idiot like me?


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      Re: Blue Ridge HR1 Refurbish

      Very Cool, excellent work as usual.

      The new crossover is sweet also!
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        Re: Blue Ridge HR1 Refurbish

        Nice job Jerry!
        Don't listen to me - I have not sold any $150,000 speakers.