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MTM cabs now empty

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  • MTM cabs now empty

    Built these a while ago using some hand treated closeout woofers (299-774) and Mission tweeters. They weren't as efficient as I'd hoped, so I sold the woofers on. One day I'll put some Dayton woofers in, but I'll really need to do the baffles again as they are a slightly smaller diameter than the closeout ones.

    They are made from 3/4 plywood, the only veneer I used was some iron on stuff around the front edges. I put a small bevel on all four corners to hide the cutting inaccuracies, and I painted them with some all-in-one stain and varnish I got from Home Depot.

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    Re: MTM cabs now empty

    They look pretty nice, hope you get them up and running again.....
    Sooner better then later:D