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Finished dbrowns dB616c

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  • Finished dbrowns dB616c

    I had the drivers sitting around and I ran across the dbrown website that used these drivers so I decided to build a center speaker. I built a removeable baffle because in the future I will probably have the desire to install something different without having to build a new cabinet. I do not like the look of the front gasket on the Dayton classic drivers so I decided to rear mount the drivers. I removed the original gasket and replace with closed cell foam gasket to seal to the baffle. I built a custom aluminum retainer at work to install the drivers to the back of the baffle. The retainer and cabinet were designed using PRO-E. Used truck bed liner for the finish and the little neo magnets that PE sells to mount the grill.
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    Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

    Wow, Ricky, that is outstanding workmanship!

    Love the custom retaining ring. It must be really nice to have that kind of mfg capabilities at hand (though you still had to design and execute it and that is the hard part).

    I will agree with you on the look of the classic, it looks much more classy with your rear-mount treatment.

    Well done, Andy.


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      Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

      Very nicely executed!
      Love the 'ring'!
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        Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

        Nice job on the driver mounting it looks dry cool.

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          Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

          Thanks everyone for the comments. I have watched Avatar and UP so far with the new speaker. Sound very good on both movies.
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            Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

            That looks great!

            The tweeter is set quite a ways back and is not in the ideal acoustic environment. From your description I'm guessing it wasn't designed that way. Since there's a nice grill covering the drivers, you might want to consider using some kind of heavy (and dark so you can't see it) felt to line the edge of that tweeter recess. I bet it would make a significant improvement in the sound.

            Certainly couldn't hurt to try.

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              Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

              I agree. The tweeter is set too far back. The gasket material I used is a 1/4" thick and did not compress nearly as much as I would have liked it too. I have the tweeter set into a 1/4" recess on the backside and I'm going to deepen the recess and use a different type of gasket when I get some free time. Have never used felt before but like you said it couldn't hurt.


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                Re: Finished dbrowns dB616c

                Even if lined with felt, that cavity will work like a lossy horn and provide some extra reinforcement at some frequency the original designer didn't account for. The most optimal way to mount the drivers would have been to mount them all flush with the front face of the baffle. I don't mean to be the fly in the ointment; it's just physics.
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