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    Re: Nano Neos build

    Originally posted by [email protected] View Post
    they look fine. your x-overs look just fine too. maybe a few more coats of teak oil will help, if not mask the body and give them a spray with gloss poly.
    I think I may have wiped off the oil a little too soon, I finished a piece of oak with Teak oil and it's got just the right gloss to it. If there's a warm day in the next few months I may put on another coat of oil and let it set for more than 15 minutes before wiping it off, otherwise it'll have to wait until spring.

    Originally posted by DIYNut42 View Post
    Those look great. I cant tell if it's the lighting, but the the teak oil on the poplar end up turning out a greyish/blackish grain color? If it's not just a trick of the light, thats pretty much exactly the look I am wanting for the baffles for my K6.5 project.
    I stained the wood with a Minwax Ebony stain before finishing with the teak oil, I'd attribute the color to the stain more than the teak oil. On my monitor the color looks accurate, although I did use a remote flash for more dramatic shadows, the colors are pretty close.


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      Re: Nano Neos build

      Ok thanks!
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        Re: Nano Neos build

        Do you have a pair of Overnight Sensations? I built a pair of OS-like speakers w/ ND20FB in 1/2" MDF and a well braced 3/4" MDF TMM pair w/ Vifa DQ25 and the bass does not sound right no matter the tuning or stuffing. I also have a pair of TM's with ND140-8 and ND20FB and they are much better. I think I will replace the B4N's with these. I also have some ND105-8's and will eventually build a TMM's with them.
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