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    I started cooking up a MTM design after finishing my MT using Jamo 20306 51/4" mid-bass and Jamo 20452 1" fabric dome tweeter. These will be used along with the MT in a 5.1 system in my living room.

    I measured both drivers with a WT-3 to extract TS parameters and with the development of impedence compensation circuits.

    I plugged the appropriate numbers into WinISD .50a7 and decided on a box volume of .83ft^3 (i'm shooting for .8ft^3 after drivers, braces, etc.). The interior dimentions will be 20"H x 6.5"W x 11.5"D. I am keeping the baffle width to an absolute minimum.

    The box is tuned to 55hz with 2 2" ports 5.5" long. This gives a simulated F3=49hz. Port noise is low, about 12m/sec so I'll be getting no port noise.

    The box will be constructed of 3/4 sand ply cause I hate MDF even though it sands easily. The tweeter will be recessed and the woofers surface mounted since they have a nice curved flange. Baffle will be 3/4" thick with 3/4" chamferred edges, I'll brace where possible and I'll be covering the cabinet with some kind of veneer.

    Time to set up and start the saw dust flying.

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    Re: Jamo MTM

    Sounds cool. Someone else will tell you (and they probably won't be so nice about it) this thread should be in the main forum. I know, I know... it took me a while to see the merit of their arguement too.

    Post pics as you build!
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      Re: Jamo MTM

      No problem, I'll move to the regular forum.