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We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

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  • We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

    For the past few months, I've been messaging Wolf during the build of this speaker (he was extremely helpful - it would have been a disaster if it weren't for his advice and help). I only built one due to lack of funds, but now that I have some more spending money, I would definitely like to build another (and maybe some more for surround sound!) :D

    My dad, brother and I started around May, and we didn't get finished until today due to work, school, and such getting in the way. The main differences between his and our speaker is that he rounded off the edges of the baffles, and we did not since we didn't have access to a router at that time. We also painted it before priming it (not sure why, but we're definitely priming the next one). I know some of the screws look funky and different, but our hardware shop didn't have the best variety, and unfortunately the wood screws and the machine screws didn't have the same heads, so that's why it's that way haha.

    Anyways, here's a picture of it. I'll upload some WIP photos later, and when the second one is done, I'll post that too!
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    I'm really impressed with the sound. Overall, the response is pretty flat and there isn't any peaking that I can hear. It sounds detailed, but not harsh. The electronics ended up costing less than $70 or $80 if I can recall correctly, and for the price, it's a beast of a speaker. I definitely don't see myself buying any speakers from a store anytime soon. It was a very tough project, as it required fitting many things into a small box (a TON of stuffing, 6.25 oz, along with two crossover boards), but it was a blast.

    It's our first speaker build, so any input is welcome

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    Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

    It's not a Sophomore if it's not red!

    Just kidding, I want to build a set of those in the future as well, I heard them at DIY Dayton 2009 and they were fantastic. Nicely done.

    If you try to build another set, you will be surprised at how much better you will get at construction/finishing by looking at these and saying... " I can do this or that better"... it's part of the fun of this hobby.

    I would suggest maybe some Bondo car body filler on the screw holes, or just use glue with no screws, then primer, and more Bondo/spot-glazing putty, then more primer. If you do any more speaker building, and router will help to make things pretty. You can use it to round edges, and along with a circle cutting jig like PE's Jasper or Router Buddy -- you can cut recesses for your speakers so they sit flush with the baffle (front board).

    But I'm not knockin'... Nice job, congrats!

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      Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

      Thanks for the input! I definitely want to try using primer and not using screws for the second one and the center one (Wolf suggested using one of his Switch speakers as a center). I'm definitely considering saving up for those tools as well.


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        Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

        I've yet to hear one of Wolf's designs firsthand, but from what I've heard and the numbers I've read, he does an impressive job of turning mediocre drivers into great speakers. I'm surprised no one has hired him - after all, designing a good speaker from cheap parts is both very difficult and very, very profitable.


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          Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

          Wolfs ambition is to put all the major companies out of business by getting the world to build his designs. (Insert Dr. Evil laugh here)


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            Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

            Definitely, it's a hell of a speaker. I'd recommend it to anyone who's on a tight budget. Here's a WIP picture:
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              Re: We Built One of Wolf's Sophomores!

              You guys all crack me up!!! :D

              Snoop- I really am glad you like *it*, and a *them* will actually be liked more.

              Tom- Thanks for the continual compliments on these. I hope you do a pair with the zarbo-flair!

              Spaz- if you are making it down to Iowa this year, you will hear one, and, probably because I have not applied for a job in this market....

              Marty- Dagnabbit! Why'd you have to tell everyone about my plans???

              Ejoy *it*, Snoop!
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