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  • XL4 - My new project


    My project include Parts-express enclosures, terminals and port. But the units are Seas (i dont know if PE has them).
    The meassurements are done at about 0.7m and the acoustical delay is found at about 1.3-1.4 meters.

    Heres my current project :

    Raw meassurements of units without crossover..
    Tweeter :

    Woofer :

    My current filter im working on...
    Filter :

    Frequency response :

    Reverse polarity on Tweeter frequency response :

    Fase (Phase.. how do you spell it?)

    Offaksis simulations

    Transferfunction :

    My meassurements are done abit offaksis, as i dont want to toein my speakers.


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    Re: XL4 - My new project

    No feedback ?


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      Re: XL4 - My new project


      The project is finished.
      Would just like to know what people thought of it, and if they had any feedback.


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        Re: XL4 - My new project

        It is beautiful and very well documented. So well in fact that there are almost no questions left to ask. How does it sound? Are you please with your results? How hard was it for you to get PE cabinets overseas? What is your next project? Are you happy with the bass with this woofer? Will it be used with a sub? What software do you use? LSPCAD? Was it difficult to get a crossover that you were pleased with? Very envious of your abilities!



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          Re: XL4 - My new project


          Thank you for your q's

          I Use Clio 7.3 to meassure and LspCAD 6 std to simulate. The cabinets can be bought in Denmark, but they are abit expensive (about 425$ a pair). My next project is a floorstand timealigned hybrid. I want to try reflex DC coupled with a open og closed box. The crossover will be a series/parallel hybrid too.

          These speakers sound great. If they are used in a large hard room, they will need a subwoofer. I dont, so it ok. They are build for my wifes babysister.

          The crossover took me about 10 min to simulate, so it wasnt that hard.


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            Re: XL4 - My new project

            Do you need another babysitter?