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2x12 guitar cab

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    Re: 2x12 guitar cab

    Originally posted by fastbike1 View Post
    This is timely. I could some advice. I have a player friend that was asking if I could build a new cab for him. He is very interested in a 4x12 line array instead of a conventional 4x12. He had already recognized the issues of the conventional 4x12 but didn't understand what was causing the sound issues.
    So, for a 4x12 line, do I need to do anything different for driver placement than a straight vertical line? I was wondering if the bottom driver still wanted to be angled back a bit, or bottom pair, etc.
    Hey sorry haven't looked at the thread in a while. No I would just stick them in a vertical line on a straight baffle. It's gonna have to be over 50" tall though, a monster!!



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      Re: 2x12 guitar cab

      Originally posted by Dirttracker73 View Post
      First of all, very nice cabinet. What adhesive would you recommend for sticking vinyl to MDF? Is there anything low VOC that wont gag everyone out of the house like 3M spray adhesive? Thanks for the build pics, you make it look easy. I won't post a picture of my seams, you could see them from the space shuttle.
      Thanks! I don't know of anything in a can that works as well as 3M Super 77. It's not that bad but I do wear a respirator with it. Over spray drops to the floor real fast and the room clears out pretty quick but it is stinky. If you have a basement or garage maybe you could tarp off a little area and rig up a fan exhaust.

      The next best thing I can think of is a pneumatic hot glue gun which doesn't really smell at all, but those are very expensive $700...

      Some online retailers that sell 'tolex' also sell 'tolex glue'....I would probably avoid that, I've never tried it but I can't imagine it's anything more than tacky glue you see at arts and craft stores... That would be kind of a pain in the *** to work with. A lot of the larger assembly line manufactures use some kind of black tar adhesive, black because it hides mistakes on black tolex, and I think they just coat the whole cab with it and let it get tacky (or coat the tolex) and then go at it... I know a lot of them also have die cutters for the vinyl that pre cut the corners and everything on a sheet of vinyl before they put it on the cab, very silly.


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        Re: 2x12 guitar cab

        Originally posted by killersoundz View Post
        Yep. I'm well aware of this Bill. It's really a shame too because guitarists don't care and if you tried to tell them or sell them a line array of 12" speakers they wouldn't want it for aesthetics. With that said I do have plans to make a 4x12 vertical cab though. No one will want it but me.

        The comb filtering between the speakers in a 2x12 or 4x12 is awful. You can hear yourself going in and out of the lobe distortion when you move left to right in front of the cab. These are downfalls. But then again like I said it's tradition and everyone that has tried to change it does not succeed because of aesthetics and stubborn people.

        Does cross firing the speakers at a 30 degree angle really help? Or should it be a 45 degree angle?
        Take a look at his XF cab not the line array stuff. Once the grill is on it all looks the same just performs better. He not only crosses the drivers but tilts them back as well. Better horizontal and vertical coverage. Not much need for the 4X rig but a possibility as well. Even has a removable back section so the end user can choose open or sealed based on venue or style. With your mad skill that would be killer.