Some very helpful forum members me gave some good feedback on what to build for my first pair of speakers. Below are some pictures of the construction and final product as well as a video of cutting them on my CNC :D


I was originally going to veneer them, but my rabbeting didn't turn out as well as I wanted (that's a different story). So I did some filling and sanding and painted them. I think the color goes pretty well with the dark speaker surrounds and silver cone. I'm not sure that the extra work to create the rabbets is worth the effort (even on a CNC).

I'm very happy with the speakers, although I don't have a lot of to reference. I yanked out my old CD's to get some decent quality reference material (most of my music is now MP3). They seem very detailed and sound very natural. The only negative (which I was aware of before building) is the low frequency output. That will be remedied on the next few weeks. I've bought the Bash 500W plate amp when it was on sale. I'm going to pair that with the Dayton RSS390HF. The enclosure is under design now....