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    here's the gallery

    I was looking to build a speaker that utilized both the dayton rs28f tweeter and the usher 8945p woofer given their value and zaph's test results. After looking at usher's Dancer series I wanted to make my own "dancer" speakers (or get reasonably close). Fortunately, Jay Kim had the design I was looking for and he got me started with my first speaker project. I made many, many rookie mistakes along the way but alas have finally finished up these white bruits after a year of scattered construction.
    These sound better than they look! I've been playing everything from pink floyd to royksopp to bela fleck and it just blows away every speaker I've owned. A perfect match to the quality of the rest of my components; lm3886 paralleled amplifier and buffalo II DAC.

    Enclosure Design: This 42 Liter ported speaker has a 1.5" baffle, .75" walls, and is well braced and dampened. I decided to use recycled denim to cover the walls and dampen the lower portion with partsexpress polyfill. The knock test is... 'veery nice'.
    *the denim has a higher sound absorption coefficient than fiberglass and is very safe to use

    Enclosure Assembly: This was my biggest challenge because I had no wood working experience prior to the project.

    Conclusion: DIY is the way to go.

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    Re: usher tmm

    Really Nice build dude.


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      Re: usher tmm

      Really nice, I'm jealous.


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        Re: usher tmm

        White is a good cabinet color choice with the silver Usher phase plugs. Very nice!
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          Re: usher tmm

          Yea really like the white paint a lot on those. They look sleek :D
          Thanks ,


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            Re: usher tmm

            Wow, that looks awesome! You have really smooth seams and edges for MDF, you should be really proud! Looks like it was difficult getting the woofer to fit in that narrow enclosure- I'll bet it sounds fantastic!

            Seeing as how it's your first build, it has no right to look that good- love the attention to detail.
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              Re: usher tmm

              Holy Crap those look nice!
              I built the Usher 701 kit and it sounds fantastic, I can only imagine how good those towers sound as well.
              Excellent job !


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                Re: usher tmm

                Originally posted by karrtoons View Post
                Fortunately, Jay Kim had the design I was looking for and he got me started with my first speaker project.
                Outstanding! You should definitely be proud of those.

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                  Re: usher tmm

                  No doubt about it, nice build, big thumbs upsta!!
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                    Re: usher tmm

                    Those are horrible! You have to get rid of them right now! I have room here for them ;)
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                      Re: usher tmm

                      Awesome build. Very nice looking, they just happen to be my favorite looking woofer made. Being your first build- great job, even if it was your 15th build.