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  • The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

    I suppose the name "The Rookies" makes sense for this near-field design. This is a terribly simple 2 way with an electronic xover around 175 hz. Very little skills are required to build this system because the X-over does not interfere with the critical vocal range.

    Furthermore, an active x-over with such a low x-over point allows any user with a good pair of ears / decent multi-meter to tune the system to match the midbass anomolies of most rooms. In a typical nearfield scenario, a few dB of boost on the woofer gives ample midbass baffle step compensation.

    The close proximity of the beastly 7" wooer to the desktop assures there is minimized audible phase delay in the midbass. The midrange may not be optimally placed on the tiny baffle, but a reasonable compromise was made for excellent nearfield response despite moderate off-axis diffraction.

    These are full range, real-world monitors, with an f3 of somewhere around 35 hz and a HF cutof somewhere around 19kHz. So long as you don't love your tunes extra crispy or excessively boomy, you are unlikely to be let down by the phenominal honesty in the range of this low-volume 2-way.
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    Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

    It's not called a Gallery for nothin' ;)

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      Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

      I can't wait to see the magic tweeter that crosses at 175Hz. I'm thinking maybe a typo and is really 1750Hz?

      I suspect "Rookies" is appropriate. Sounds like marketing copy.
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        Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

        From the description, more likely a Small 2" Full range actively xo'ed to a 7"


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          Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

          Crossing a 2" to a midbass down as low as 175 Hz is sure to present distortion issues in the output of the 2" driver. I recommend experimenting with crossover frequencies in the 200-300 Hz range, even if you have to use a passive crossover to implement it.
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            Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

            I think you would want them in separate chambers as well.


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              Re: The Rookies - Nearfield Magic

              So do these actually exist, or are we left to our imagination?