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    I ran a quick simulation of that using my actual driver measurements. It probably wouldn't sound too bad just taking the midrange inductor out. My starting point would be to increase the midrange resistor from 8 ohms to 12 ohms and decrease the capacitor in the low pass circuit from 100 uF to 68 uF. Highs might be a little weak above 12 khz, but it should be pretty good overall.

    I included a few attachments. First is a crossover sim of the original Hafnium (agrees pretty well with the actual measurements). Second is removing the tweeter and tweeter crossover, as well as the bandpass inductor. The last is with the adjustments to the midrange resistor and woofer capacitor.
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      Thank you so much! As soon as I have time I´ll put together a test box and try your crossover. Thank you for sharing this design and helping out with updates!