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More Nano Neos - YAY

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    Re: More Nano Neos - YAY

    I did not use denim in all the builds but I really was not able to tell any sort of difference across the Nano Neos. With other builds, yes....... I find that the ultratouch denim works extremely well (better than polyfill) and the line of SONIC BARRIER products that PE carries works really well.

    Originally posted by fixthedoor View Post

    Did you use denim insulation on all your Nano builds? If not, did you notice a difference from one material to the next?

    I starting my build today, I can't wait to hear these things.
    Bryan K.

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      Re: More Nano Neos - YAY

      Originally posted by Steve Henry View Post
      Another good build of an exceptional bang for the buck design. I thought they sounded so good, I veneered a pair in Walnut (my avatar).
      Hey Steve, I'm with you on the veneer concept, but I have mixed emotions about this one build, I'm a fan of Dura-Tex also. The two together is quite the sublime look. The baffles especially look great. Mighty Fine work indeed, mighty fine. All the best, Mike