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  • Adequate Amiga's

    I've started a pair of Amiga's for a friend as a wedding present. The couple requested hand-made gifts, delighting me since I love a good excuse to make speakers.The wedding was last summer, but I have a self-imposed deadline of the middle of February.

    I have no illusions about my carpentry abilities, so feel free to tell me how I can improve.

    Let's get right to the pictures. First, cabinets are coming out of glue-up:

    Cabinet A:

    Bracing in Cabinet A:

    Cabinet B in Glue Up:

    Crossovers in next post..

    (Just want pictures? Album is here:

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    Crossover A:

    This one got tested and seems OK, but please proof my work if you have the inclination.

    Crossover B, Crosswired:

    Whoops. I double checked this, thought it was fine. Then I came back after dinner and the problem jumped out at me. I was glad for my color coding, otherwise I might have missed it.

    Crossover B, Fixed:

    Both Crossovers:

    Testing Crossover A:

    It sounded reasonable to me, lacking bass of course. (Note that I moved a coil after this test -- the positions of the coils shown in other pictures are the current ones. And if they are wrong (see let me know.

    Oh, and if anyone out there has my missing red binding post, let me know and we can swap prisoners at the border:

    Next Steps
    • Figure out which veneer. Simple (oak, maple)? Fancy (flame maple?)
    • Black baffle? Veneer baffle?
    • Find some inexpensive foam
    • Cut holes in baffles (always nerve-wracking to me)


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      Re: Crossovers

      Looking good so far!! They are a great bang for the buck design.

      Apparently the Amiga's do very well in the wedding theme. Last fall for my wedding I built a pair of speakers for each guy in the wedding party. My best man got a pair of Harley Davidson themed Amigas and a receiver, he loved them. The other guys each got a pair of Lil Brits and a lepai 2020 amp. One of these days I will have to get photos up.


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        Re: Crossovers

        Originally posted by StewLG View Post
        Next Steps
        • Cut holes in baffles (always nerve-wracking to me)
        Really? I usually don't have trouble cutting the baffle holes. It's the table saw that makes me think twice. If my table saw weren't so ornery, I'd do quite a few more projects.

        I use the Jasper circle jigs and a Porter+Cable 890 router with 1/4" spiral up-cutting bit.
        Best Regards,

        Rory Buszka
        Product Manager, Dayton Audio

        The best way to predict the future is to create it.


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          Re: Crossovers

          Do yourself a favor and get the convoluted foam mattress topper from Wally World.

          I love PE, but their acoustic foam panels are too much. If you have extra funds, PE's SONIC BARRIER products can't be beat for all sorts of panel damping and acoustic back wave absorption.

          Good luck with your build.
          Bryan K.

          Midwest Audio Club

          Speedster | Sub Attaché | The Wildeman | Sean's NLA Towers | COÜGAR, COUGAR II and COÜGAR JR | Triton | Lithium | J-Boom | Trym MLTL | Docere MLTL


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            Re: Crossovers

            Originally posted by bkeane1259 View Post
            Do yourself a favor and get the convoluted foam mattress topper from Wally World.
            Ordered; it'll be a few days until it arrives. Thanks for the tip.


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              Re: Crossovers

              I agree with Rory , buy a jasper jig , you will wonder how you managed without!