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  • Overnight Sensation 5.0

    So I finished the remaining speakers in this system a couple weeks ago, but was too exhausted to post them because of how long they took.

    I just started to type a brief summary of my mishaps, when I realized there was no way to make it brief. Let's just say I am NOT a natural and I spent a lot more time and money (on paint) than I would have thought possible. I still managed to sand through to primer on one of my MTM's w/2000 grit, but I plan on covering that up with Sharpie or something. I don't notice any of the flaws from where I will be sitting, so I am content.

    The rear MT's were assembled from the PE 1/2" birch kit with dayton tweeters. They were finished with Rustoleum Painter's Touch flat black, but have taken a beating while being used as computer speakers since December (a couple spills of beer, falls off the books I was using as stands, etc).

    The L/R MTM's and center MMTMM were my first cabinets constructed (aside from one sealed car sub). The MTM's are 3/4" MDF w/ one window brace, and the center is 3/4" with no braces. Total overkill on the center, I chamfered quite a bit but I still worry the 3" B3N's do not have enough airflow. These three speakers use the HiVi tweeter from Meniscus. They were finished with Rustoleum PT flat black, flat clear, then sanded to 2000 and polished. Doesn't make much sense I know seeing as they are clearly not flat anymore, but adding the clear was an afterthought - I finally had a nice matte finish, but I found it too fragile and wanted some durability.


    I do not have much listening experience, so there's not much to compare to. I sold my Logitech Z623 2.1 speakers when I finished my OS MT's, as they are clearly better in everything but muddy LFE.

    I was underwhelmed when they were powered by a DTA-1 amp, but I ended up having to send that amp back after a channel started cutting out, so maybe it was faulty all along. All speakers are now powered by an Emotiva UPA-500 which lets them play to their full potential.

    When I hooked up my MTM's with the different tweeter, I immediately noticed a difference. I don't know how to describe it well, but I think the MTM's with the HiVi tweeter sounded a bit "darker" and less "airy" than the MT's with the Dayton tweeter. I'm trying not to let the fact that Paul claimed he felt the HiVi disappeared better in the MTM influence my judgement, but I think that's what I hear as well. I can hear the dayton tweeter in the MT, the MTM's with the HiVi tweet just blend together better. I prefer the MTM, but not to any great degree.

    As for the center, I haven't really listened to it alone much or watched any movies since I've hooked it up. I did notice some not-good sounds when playing bass from the speaker; but if I turn the speaker to "small" in my sound card @ a 120-150hz crossover, it sounds completely clean. I'm not sure if:
    a) The 3/4" baffle, despite the chamfering I did, does not allow enough airflow for the drivers,
    b) I need to adjust stuffing. As of now I just have a handful in each empty side of the cabinet.
    or c) The speaker is intended to be run as a "small" speaker with a HPF, as I have it set now.
    Note: Although I altered the original call for 1/2" stock to 3/4", I retained baffle size and internal volume.

    Anyways, thanks to Paul Carmody for providing these designs and the DIY community as a whole for completely altering the course of my life! (I have eight other drivers that I ordered before even finishing these speakers). Here are some crappy pics:

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    Re: Overnight Sensation 5.0

    Great job! Love the OS's!!
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      Re: Overnight Sensation 5.0

      So YOU'RE the one who bought up all the B4N's! :D PE is out of stock till June. All kidding aside, they look great! They are an awesome design, and you should be able to enjoy them for years to come.
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        Re: Overnight Sensation 5.0

        I have the same setup and can confirm the Center does not sound good playing bass. I've tried various settings but it sucks because the MTM and MT sound good down to ~40hz. I've got mine crossed at 60hz with a very large subwoofer. It sounds like it's thumping against a piece of wood.

        I wish I had a way to just cross that speaker to something lower. Maybe use a capacitor or something.


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          Re: Overnight Sensation 5.0

          I would cross them over at 80Hz. Let the subwoofer do the heavy lifting. You'll increase their power handling, decrease distortion, and bass that low should still be non-directional depending on your room.

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