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Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

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  • Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

    I took Paul's design for a boombox and simply made stereo speakers out of them.

    Overall, they are really enjoyable. They have a few mistakes and blemishes, but that was mainly due to being rushed for time. They gotta be packed up tomorrow to be giving away as a gift. The mistakes can't be seen from a few feet away when a camera flash isn't going off. If it looks like the baffles are floating, its because they are. I had to use a thin gasket to seal them.
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    Re: Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

    Nice job. Very decor-friendly. What size enclosure is that?
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      Re: Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

      According to boxy cad, about 4.07L, minus whatever the driver, port and filter bits take up.

      I'm going to break out the camera stand today and take pictures without a flash under normal light because they look much much better in person.


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        Re: Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

        Very nice finish, I like the white baffles!

        I've been playing around with these drivers, started as the Wolf's PC version, which is a smaller sealed box, slightly more than 1L. Right now I've got them in the 1L boxes with Paul's filters. I was planning to build the Sprite box, but I kind of like the idea of two separate speakers, too.

        Have you had a chance to try them out? How do they sound?
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          Re: Sprite boombox inspired stereo speakers.

          Here are a few pics taken without a flash. These represent closer to what they look like in person.

          Sound wise, better then I expected. The distortion measurements are available on zaph audio's web page and they do have some rising 3rd order distortion, but listening to them, they don't have any negative obvious problems. I'm sure their are other 3" drivers that sound better, but most can't pump out much bass below 100hz without using a TL tower. These guys put out solid mid range and usable bass with a smooth roll-off. That is why I chose this project. It had to be cheap, but useful and it delivered.

          The downside to this ported design is, it doesn't look like they can take much more then 10 watts without port noise being a problem. With the original Sonic T amp, or the Dayton counter part or any other low powered amp, it will never be a problem, but it looks like the driver does work better in a sealed box if you want to give it more power. Two 4ohm drivers in a sealed box for a 8ohm load would probably make a good mini HT front stage and be able to cross at 100hz.
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