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Finishing my Speedsters before Christmas, hopefully

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  • Finishing my Speedsters before Christmas, hopefully


    this is/was my first build and have posted of some lack of bass in a pre cabinet. Well I KNOW NOW there is bass. And plenty of it.
    So I thought it was just "easy peasy" to finish the cabinets in a nice colour and get these babies singing for real. But boy, was I wrong. Had the cabinets finished up and sanded silky smooth and applied the paint, flat white. That was a big NO NO. When the paint started to dry it reacted to the primer and turned to crap. Sanded and tried again. Same result.
    After having spent a week and a half with reaction between paint I came to the conclusion, these Speedsters do not want to be painted.
    I have now sanded down the cabinets completely and am going for a high-gloss bare MDF. It way sound stupid, but the look so far looks way better than just plain white. A bit like DIY 2.0 and very unique (will post pics soon). It's very time consuming...
    If I hadn't heard the almost finished speaker I wouldn't even bother, but now I know what all the fuzz is about. They sound superb. And that is without any padding/filling at all. Can't wait to get these finished.

    The crossovers are all ready just waiting to get to their beloved home.
    Click image for larger version

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    My timeline it to get them singing before Christmas.

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    Re: Finishing my Speedsters before Christmas, hopefully

    Wow, those are really "super clean" crossovers!
    I think bare MDF looks pretty good.

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      Re: Finishing my Speedsters before Christmas, hopefully

      Good luck on the finish, and Happy Holidays regardless!


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        Re: Finishing my Speedsters before Christmas, hopefully

        Threw out the boxes the day before Christmas. Was not happy with them. Have started fresh with a big sheet of plywood. I hate MDF now.

        But, the project is looking good now. Have always wanted to do this "glue plywood to plywood" to get that nice layers of cheap materials to become almost artistic. Am using 15 mm cheap builders plywood and at this point have a pretty long way to the finish line, but I will get there. I love the look already and have only done three layers. The layers will show their glory on front, top, back and bottom. The sides will be "au natural".

        The critical point with this build will be the recess for the Fountek tweeter. I get only one shot at that, well two, but if I go nuts on the first one I am screwed. If everything goes as planned I will start a new thread called finishing the Speedsters, or just add to this one. Have taken some photos along the way, but will post them in my hopefully new thread if nothing goes wrong. If no photos show up I screwed up the recess.
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