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    A 5 liter slot ported 2 way using the Dayton DS115 and Vifa tc6neo. These were purpose built for friend and his desktop/shelf. He will be using them to listen to his expanding vinyl collection. The other goal was to cross these as low as was economically sound to do.

    The enclosures measure 6"x 11.25"x 8.25". The slot port is .5" x 4" and results in a tune of 57Hz. This gives the speaker a little lift of about 1.5db just before the roll-off. I used 1/2 MDF thru out except for the baffle which is 3/4". A piece of 2"PVC about 5" long was used for the TC6 enclosure and is lightly stuffed. Originally, I was going to paint them and even had multiple layers of primer already on, but a drop negated those plans and I switched over to Duratex.

    Using Omnimic and Jeffs instruction on finding the AC, I loaded the files into PCD and started playing. The resultant crossover comes in at 2k, 2nd order electrical. The woofer has a 1.5mh coil parralleled with a .33mf cap. A 10mf cap and 3ohm resistor make up the shunt. The tweeter uses a 1.5ohm resistor and 6.8mf cap in series and .35mh coil to shunt. The imp stays above 5 ohms at all times.

    Sensitivty is definetly not the strong suit coming in around 75db or so. But man can they take some juice. In testing I had them on my Adcom GFA555 (200w/ch) and they hung in quite well.

    I wish I had more pics but my SD card is MIA.
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    Price to build a pair is about $100 plus terminals, etc.
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