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Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

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  • Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

    I earlier posted a thread at the start of the build but I don't believe it is possible to change the title of a thread and I doubt anybody would look at the old one. Therefore I'll post again with the completed pics and more importantly, the listening impressions.

    Build details: 1.8 cuft with sides, top and bottom all being 1.5" thick of doubled up Baltic birch ply. I originally built this enclosure for a 10" sub and had the baffle cut for that driver and a Dayton 500 watt amp. I had to therefore redo the front and back for a 12" driver and different amp. Therefore, where the driver is, the baffle is 2.25" but the outer edges (original baffle) make a total of 4.5" and the original back makes parts of the back 3" thick. With amp and driver, this sub easily weighs 125 pounds!

    Impressions: Exactly what I read prior to purchase...very tight and clean bass. I am a strict 2 channel guy and it is PERFECT for that! I am not sure it would be perfect for home theater though but only because I don't have a home theater setup. I am quite confident it would be good for HT too though. BTW, it isn't staying where it is pictured. I took the old sub out and need to clean back there before placement.
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    Re: Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

    Sweet! Nice build, congrats and enjoy.


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      Re: Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

      Love that look! Strictly 2-channel...just how I have my system. No movies, no surround sound, all music. The only stuff I watch on TV is astronomy/astrophysics documentaries and motorcycle racing; and that stuff sounds excellent in 2-channel. Those equipment and speaker stands also look terrific.

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        Re: Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

        I really like that pattern. Looking at your other speaker you are one hell of a woodworker. I really want to do a Rythmic sub for one of my future builds.
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          Re: Rythmic Sub finished and impressions

          Thank you for the compliment WesL. If you do indeed do a Rhythmic build, you won't be disappointed!