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Statements II and The Finalists center channels are here!

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  • Statements II and The Finalists center channels are here!

    You can't have a new speaker without a new center channel to compliment it for home theater.

    Statements II and The Finalists Center Channel

    During the last several years the original Statements have been frequently used as mains for home theater systems. The original Statements center was designed to be as small as possible and integrate seamlessly with the Statements by also utilizing an open back design. That worked great for me in my home theater/listening room, but for many, it did not due to the open back mid.

    Enter the Statements II Center

    Along with the new Statements II design, Curt and I felt it was time to rethink and create a new center channel for it along with a similar variation for The Finalists design. Since the drivers and voicing are similar for both The Finalists and Statements II, the center channel designs vary only in the tweeter used and crossover changes to accommodate the difference between the two drivers.

    Yes, size matters!Integration is perfect!

    Since the center channel duplicates the driver compliment in the mains, they’re a perfect match. Center channels carry up to 70% of the sound in a typical movie and are arguably the most important speaker in a high performance home theater system. Since the center is so closely matched to the mains, panning, bass extension and high frequencies integrate seamlessly and have the ability to reproduce dialogue with exceptional clarity.

    The Finalists and Statements II centers are both the same except for ribbon vs dome and the crossover changes in the tweeter circuit. This is a sealed cabinet with sealed mids for placement flexibility. The picture is of my larger cabinet rather than the one that is speced at 34" wide. I had a pair of original RS225 shielded drivers on hand so I built a sealed Statement on it's side for my own use that also matched the width of my subs. The cabinet drawings will be available from Curt's website and Meniscus.


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    Re: Statements II and The Finalists center channels are here!

    Sweet! The kit for finalist center channel is up!
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      Thanks for the great design. Just finished up mine this afternoon. It's going to compliment my Anthologies perfectly.


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        The center looks great! I'm very pleased you're enjoying the new center channel!