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Curved side speakers

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    Re: Curved side speakers

    Thanks GD. I'll take more pics on next project. Current one is already veneered and I just posted on it. Large Heresy build.

    Next project is to reveneer Klipsch Heresy cabinets for a buddy. I've already got the corners cut out for the solid trim. I tried to talk him into going bigger (he's using these in a 45' x 90' metal building for gosh sakes!!) He really needs some folded horn subs and big sound but alas he's going with the Heresys.

    I did a little research on the iron on glue veneer method and it appears to me that plain old white glue may be the best. It has the longest activation time (forever). Next is Titebond which can be used within a week and Titebond II is 12 hours. Lower heat setting on white glue and its cheaper. My $8 Wal-Mart (or "Wal-Marts" as we call it in the south) iron finally died so I stepped up to an $18" model with retractable cord. I'm getting uppity in my selection of tools!