Here is my Seriatim (Latin for "in series") build from Ludicrosity InDIYana and MWAF.

The drivers are HiVi RT1.3 tweeter and RS180P-8 woofer. The HiVi RT1.3 WE (round face plate) is a direct replacement.

This speaker uses a series crossover. The crossover transfer functions are shaped similar to the Neville Thiele Method™ (NTM). The slopes are 48dB /octave, eighth order.

I've been playing with a crossover for positioning this speaker on a shelf and near a wall. I've included this “tweaked” cross over along with the original.

If the original crossover sounds a bit fat, increase the insulation behind the woofer.

See the attached PDF for the details.

Let me know if you see any errors.
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