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My First DIY Build - SB15NRX30-8 & SB26STCN-4 (pic heavy)

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    Re: My First DIY Build - SB15NRX30-8 & SB26STCN-4 (pic heavy)

    *****REVISED 8/28/2015***** after receiving some good input from judges and attendees at this year's MWAF. I was told they didn't have enough mid-bass punch and too much lower bass (muddy?). So I went back to the drawing board and revised the XO focusing on increasing the BSC (went from 3db to a 4.5db average in the 300-500 region) and reworked the XO to get the flattest response while keeping the XO count within reason. I still have a 2nd order on the woofer and 3rd on the tweeter. The updated XO resulted is a much better overall tone and smooth sound and I can listen for hours without any fatigue. But another important factor I considered was that they needed to play any kind of music and still have no fatigue, which now they do - MP3, FLAC, Pandora, even youtube sounds good. I have updated the pictures and some graphs to the new design and removed the previous version, because I don't think it merits retention. I will continue to update the graphs as I get them converted to pics.
    Thanks for everyone's input at MWAF, it was a great learning experience and showed me just how much more I have to learn about this hobby.

    The "SB's" build page