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CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

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  • CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

    Hi All

    I am a bit of a newbie here and have been lurking for a while gleaning all the knowledge I can. I have eventually ended up building myself a set of Overnight Sensations. I think they turned out pretty awesome for someone who hasn't done any woodworking or soldering in quite some time.

    I tried to go for a slightly different look and ended up wrapping my cabinets in some vinyl type fabric. All feedback and comments gratefully received.

    Click image for larger version

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    Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

    Nice job! Those are pretty cool looking, almost looks like alligator skin. Good job on your first build. How did you attach the fabric? Spray glue, contact cement, staples hidden with a removable back?

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      Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

      Sweet. There aren't enough vinyl covered speakers. Although every time I see someone do one, I want to go to the fabric store and pick some faux leather up for a build.
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        Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

        Well, you met your goal of different and very cool at the same time.
        I really like that look. When you were picking this out at the fabric store, what else did you see interesting?
        Very nice job.


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          Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

          Nice job on those speakers
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            Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

            Love the vinyl! Those really look great. Excellent craftsmanship.
            I'm interested in hearing about your method for installing the vinyl. Some build pics showing your process would be nice.


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              Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

              Im also interested in the installation procedure. Im going to head to youtube to see if i find anything. I need to cover some subs!
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                Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)

                Thanks everyone! I'm stoked at how well they turned out and doubly stoked a got a response from the man himself

                I'll do my best to address all the questions.

                I used a spray glue to attach the fabric. The glue was about 15NZD with the fabric being about 25NZD.

                To do the wrap I started by cutting the fabric just slightly oversized effectively in a large cross type pattern with the speaker face being the center panel and the top and bottom panels having "wings". Applied glue to the center panel of the cross and the front baffle. Waited for them to tack as per the glue instructions then pressed them together and smoothed the fabric out by hand. At this point it is repositionable enough to smooth out any wrinkles or bubbles but it doesn't last long. I then left it face down on a smooth surface overnight with a weight on it. Next I glued the top and bottom again smoothing them out and left them to dry for ~1hr. Then folded the wings down over the side panels so they top and bottom wings meet in the middle and glued them. Left to dry overnight. Then using a craft knife or scalpel and some sharp scissors I fine trimmed the main side panel. Glued the back of the fabric and the top of the fabric already glued to the side and stuck them together. Finally I trimmed all the remaining fabric which is now overhanging the back to the right lengths and glued them down. At this point swiftly diagonally cut the corners, remove the offcuts and press the corners back down. Finally I cut a hole for the woofer with a craft knife thus removing a circular panel. For the tweeter I just cut a cross pattern into the hole and left the fabric to help keep the tweeter nice and snug.

                Hopefully that all made sense. I don't have any pictures of the process partly because I had glue on my hands and partly because I just forgot :o I can draw some pictures if that would help. Also I cheated with the photos a bit and only showed of the good sides. Here is a couple showing off the 'bad' sides which should provide some more insight into how I put it together.

                Top Side
                Back Side

                The fabric store I went to had a bunch of fake leather stuff in a variety of colors. I was briefly considering fluro orange. The only other fabric which tickled my fancy was a fake leather with squares cut out all over it basically giving a large mesh type pattern. I was seeing it being cool but would mean you need a well finished layer underneath and might have led to complications mounting the drivers.


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                  Re: CamW's 1st Build (Overnight Sensation)


                  The plasti-leather look is inspiring...Thanks for your posting