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    So something a little different for an enclosure. In this case, a 30 gal 4 cu ft sump pump basin. The 6x6" port gives it a tune of 44hz. The drivers are Eminence Kappa 15LFCs. Total weight of each is about 50 lbs.
    I was asked to design and build a system for a new community center. After contacting Jerry McNutt at Eminence, they donated the drivers for the project. These will be installed at the Pax Community Center, a multi purpose outreach of State Street Community Church. The Pax Center houses a clothing and food pantry (that currently serves some 1800 people each month) and a community meal free of any charge. The space will be used for multiple family friendly events
    (Movie nights, stuff for teens, meetings, and classes)

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    Re: Da Sub Pumps

    Great idea for an enclosure. Are they plastic (and how thick...just curious)? Are you going to cover them with grills?
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      Re: Da Sub Pumps

      They are a plastic. Polyethylene to be exact. As they are going to be flying some 12 ft up, I'm not planning on grills but that may change.


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        Re: Da Sub Pumps

        Hey, I see a spot right in front of the right table to squeeze another speaker if you slide the crossover bits a bit.

        Seriously, that's a cool thing to do.

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          Re: Da Sub Pumps

          Yeah its a little crowded in there.


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            Re: Da Sub Pumps

            Click image for larger version

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            I found these at Menards, but they are also available at Home Depot. I also found 20 and 72 gal models (2.67 and 8.2gal respective) I used Gorilla glue epoxy to initially hold the port into place and then used a loctite 2 part epoxy to do the final seal and fill any gaps.

            As these will be flown, I added a couple of 2x4 braces, also expoxied, that will have 1/2" eye bolts and stainless steel cable to hold from above and brackets from the side. The ports will fire to the center of the room. Power is being supplied by 1 ch of a beringher inuke3000. The other channel will power the 4 mtm units. Those will be on a later post.
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