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Faital 3FE22 zebrawood project done

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  • Faital 3FE22 zebrawood project done

    I advertised these enclosures in a classifieds thread, but there was no interest. I was going to put them on eBay but figured I'd finish them up and give them a spin.

    Cabinets are 3/8" zebrawood, baffles (front and back) are 1/2" MDF that are CNC routed on my tiny CNC router. Finish is gel poly on wood and DupliColor Truck-Bed on the front/back.

    No filters (I don't feel I need any).

    I'm planning on making some grills from perforated plastic, I'm going to break edges and tuck it into the gaps I've created around the baffle.

    These came out looking like a million bucks, if I do say so myself.

    Sound great, too.

    Maybe I'll keep them.
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    Re: Faital 3FE22 zebrawood project done

    Ported or sealed? I'm looking to use these drivers too, do they have some punch to them?


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      Re: Faital 3FE22 zebrawood project done

      Originally posted by Lutkeveld View Post
      Ported or sealed? I'm looking to use these drivers too, do they have some punch to them?
      They're sealed, and the boxes aren't ideal (they're oversized at .046 cubic feet and WinISD called for .014). The enclosures are still large for a ported alignment (WinISD calls for .027 cubic feet). I'd get a 1db hump at 150 if I ported.

      One of the speakers I enjoyed listening to most was the LS35A. I had a pair for all of a year or so and really enjoyed them immensely. The thing I think I liked most was the laid-back nature of the speakers. They were never "in your face." I was able to listen to them ALL DAY LONG and never felt fatigued. I've always tried to achieve the same thing in speakers I've built.

      You guys are going to rip me apart for this, but... When it came time for this project, I started looking at google images for measured responses of the LS3/5A.

      And playing with WinISD, I came to the conclusion that a 4-Ohm Faital 3FE22 in an oversized sealed enclosure (provided I use a sub, of course) may approach the laid-back-ness of the Rogers.

      I told you I was nuts.

      So basically in the 200-1000 Hz range, I was attempting to make this speaker a little less "forward."

      So I built boxes approx. 3x larger than was required, figuring I could always add something inside the box to eat volume. After all, I'm trying to have fun and learn something, too.

      I haven't listened to them a ton, but I really like what I've heard so far.

      So to finally answer your question in regards to punch, I'm kind of shooting for the opposite of punch. I'm not sure how they'd do in a smaller, ported box.

      I can tell you that they will hit above their weight. They're sensitive and they will provide quite a bit of undistorted output.

      But can a 3" driver ever have "punch?" I donno.