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Instant Advent 3-way project.

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  • Instant Advent 3-way project.

    I have some refurbished New Advent Speakers at home. The bass is still acceptable but the overall presentation is a little rough to my taste.
    Upon reading Jeff B Thread “The Kairos and Continuum Three-Way Loudspeakers” I thought the Advent woofer with its DCR of 4.5 ohm and inbox resonance around 40 Hz could be suitable as the woofer in a 3-way setup. Long story short, this Thanksgiving project turned out to be quite satisfying.

    I like my JBL 4406 Studio Monitors much more now with the Advent based 3-way. They become much more effortless overall and the midrange more delicate. In a word, a great improvement over the original JBL 4406 and new Advent Loudspeaker(NAL). Jeff is right when he says” Not only have I developed an "official" woofer module (actually two) that can be used to convert the Kairos and Continuum into three-way loudspeakers, I have made it so that it can be used to the do the same for a large number of other similar stand mounted two-ways.” Thank you very much Jeff.

    The New Advent Speaker has a switch in the back. In the extended position the woofer bypasses the low pass inductor completely, thus simplying the hookup.
    Equally satisfying results are obtained with the following satellites.
    Revox 4621. Sealed 6” 2-way with excellent vocals made by the famous German reel-to-reel tape recorder manufacturer.
    Home made vented 6” 2-way using Infinity Perfect 6.1 woofer and Cascade tweeter. I finally got the voicing right to my ears.

    Other combinations are less satisfying, probably for the reasons noted.
    Bose double cubes. Poor integration with the woofer. Bose lacks response in the below 200Hz range and has no real highs.
    Infinity TSS 750. Bass heavy due to the lower efficiency of the satellites. HT says it is only 82 db/2.83v.
    AR1MS. Too top heavy probably due to high efficiency. High Fidelity says it is over 90db/2.83v.

    For the construction of crossovers, I used 100uf and 20uf Dayton metallized polypropylene as well as Madisound 10 uf polypropylene capacitors, ERSE Super Q 5mh laminated inductors, Ohmite resistors, large aluminum project boxes. Together with some 14-16 awg silver coated Teflon Jacketed cables, This crossover project costs more than $100 per channel. IMO, this has been the best $200 I spent on speaker projects, because these crossovers can be used with many other small speakers already in the house.
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