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Reattaching rubber surround to plastic cone...

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  • Reattaching rubber surround to plastic cone...

    I've been checking out a friends set of Polk LS50 speakers. The woofers have a rubber surround and a poly cone, but in a few spots the surround has come unglued from the plastic cone.

    I'm considering this stuff to repair them:


    The rubber is getting funny, it's not crumbly yet, but it's certainly aging. I think it will take the glue okay, though.

    Otherwise, they're pretty kickin' speakers, even for being 22 or so years old. Hearing these when I was younger was what prompted me to purchase the Polk's I now have in my home theater system.

    So what do you think? I'm guessing the PE stuff since it's more specifically for what I'm planning to use it for but I'd love others' opinions before I start sticking stuff together.


    By the way, the reason I'm messing with them is because of an intermittent issue with the speakers (entire speaker) cutting out at low levels. It seems likely it was the speaker cables as my D-3's did the same thing recently on his setup at low volume.
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    Hey Tom, I did a pair of Infinity's, but it was a foam surround on a poly cone. Bought a kit, used the kit's glue and it worked great.
    ​I'd use the second product you listed. From what I read of the two,,,, that one sounds better.

    Good luck, Mark


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      I just purchased some glues from Amazon under the category of neoprene repair (ie, wet suits), but I haven't used them yet. In fact I used silicone glue on the surround I damaged, and that has held so far. I demo'd them this weekend at InDIYana meet without problem. But the neoprene stuff looks quite good to me, you might take a look. I actually looked for speaker repair glue on PE's site and none of this came up on my search but now I see they have several products.