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  • Indy 2016

    very good event this year, except for the 5 climate changes in a 6 hour period. Over all I think this was the best group of speaker that I have listened to a any event. I was really impressed by several designs. DanP"s two way design was the star of the show for me. when you factor in everything, this was just a home run design. it is a small stand mounted two way design, info on the PE website. they are detailed, neutral, have a great soundstage, exceptional bass for a small closed speaker. best design from Dan yet, great job. next in line Chuck. even though he won the wide body contest, his 2 way was much more impressive. nice small floor stander using a series xover. this little speaker just did not do much wrong, great job. Dan N"s speakers are truly a full range design, and use one of my favorite mids, very nice job. in the wide body comp Ani disqualified himself for an NLA driver, this by the way was my favorite wide design, and by far Ani's best speaker. lots of other good stuff. the Jeff /Seth Scan design was really good. very impressive bass from those illuminator drivers. cabinet was exceptional. speaking of exceptional cabs Steve F had his candy apple red Satori driver 2 way playing. looked and sounded great. Craig S had his 2 very nice designs, a 2 and a 3 way. I thought the Dynaudio 2 way was very good. tons of more great stuff that other people can type about, my fingers are tired. great event this year.

    " Voicing is often the term used for band aids to cover for initial design/planning errors " - Pallas

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    nice summary and thanks for the compliments on my speakers. though ugly looking, with a sticky cone/dust cap the ST385 series II is a very nice too woofer - too bad it got discontinued.