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Found largest collection of DIY drivers and electronics I've ever seen, need advise.

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  • Found largest collection of DIY drivers and electronics I've ever seen, need advise.

    Hey all,
    So I wanted to start this off by saying that I've seen threads like this and they have been taken as bragging. I am in no way bragging, everyone finds cool stuff. I was just wanting to share the cool stuff I found and also was hoping to get some assistance or advise on what to keep, what to get rid of, what's good, what isn't, and also hope to get some ID on some unknown drivers.

    I answered a local Craigslist ad for audio equipment and got an answer back. I met the guy at a storage unit and when he opened the door I was in a bit of audio heaven. His uncle had passed and was a bit of a collector and when I say collector his nephew said that he got rid of all of his dishes and cookware and only ate out so that he could store audio drivers in his kitchen cabinets. I asked what it would cost for him to part with the lot and he threw me a disgusting number, well under $1000 (I'd prefer not to say a price). I told him that if he took his time that he could easily add a couple of zeros to that price and he had no interest. He wouldn't take a penny more and I wouldn't give a penny less, plus he preferred not to have to deal with meeting other people and just get the storage unit unloaded as he only rented it to hold his uncle's things while his house was being sold. I folded down the seats of my Jeep Grand Cherokee and absolutely stuffed it and it took 4 trips to haul it all. When I say stuff, I mean I drove home with a turntable in my lap and couldn't see out of any windows while driving home my first trip. Also about 95% of the drivers seem unused, never mounted and the terminals are free of any solder or scratches from terminals ends.

    So here is what I found...

    After I got it all unloaded into my living room

    Now onto the stuff, I categorized it. it took me awhile.

    Oh and to mention, for some reason I got a lot of odds and a few single drivers. I'm sure they miss their partners.

    3 Audax AM210Z2, I believe these are Aerogels correct?

    7 Audax PR240Z0, I apologize for the language. This guy wrote odd things on several of the driver boxes. These are pretty cool 10" woofers.

    5 Audax AM210G0

    3 Audax HP100Z0, these have the same cones as the Aerogels without the phase plugs it would seem.

    4 Audax HM130Z0

    6 Audax AM100Z0

    6 Audax AM100G2

    3 Audax AP130Z0

    7 Addax HP210Z2 Nice 8" drivers

    Now these examples of Fostex drivers show that they make extremely nice quality drivers.

    4 Fostex FT28D

    3 Fostex FT33RP

    3 Foster FW168HP-X, These guys are beefy

    3 Fostex FW168

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    Sorry for the pic size, not sure how to fix that.



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      6 Eton 8-480/32 Hex Yellow

      5 Eton 5-880 Hex b

      2 Eton 5-880-25 Hex b
      Some how didn't get pics of these, oops.

      2 Eton 7-370/32 Hex

      3 Eton 7-372 Hex b

      2 Eton 4-203/25 Hex, surrounds are little mushed

      1 Eton ER4

      2 Usher 9950c-15

      2 Usher 9930c-15

      2 Hiquphon D2094-9008-FSB

      2 Pioneer ART-550

      3 LCY 108/8

      1 JBL 2402H-05

      1 Dynaudio 19w38 04 foam surround

      1 Dynaudio 19w38 04 rubber surround

      2 Dynaudio D-52AF

      4 Dynaudio 15w75

      10 Dynaudio D-76

      2 Dynaudio 24w100 that need new surrounds that are already ordered and in my hands.


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        7 Hivi D8.8

        4 Hivi W10, again really cool 10" woofers

        4 Hivi RT2

        2 Hivi RT2H-A

        2 Aurum Cantus AC-130F1

        2 Aurum Cantus AC-250F1

        Tascam DP-008EX

        ART PRO MPA II

        Sennheiser e838

        2 Visiton TIW 250XS Cool looking subs

        2 Vifa PL22WR09-08

        8 Vifa M22WR09-06

        4 Vifa M26WR09-08

        2 Vifa D27TG-35-06 One seems shinier than the other, hmmm.

        4 Vifa XT25BG60-04

        6 Vifa XT25SC90-04

        3 Vifa MG27TG-39

        6 Vifa D27TG-45-06

        2 Vifa D26NC-47-06

        9 Vifa Logic BC18SG69-08


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          These next two are from a fellow forum member, but thought I'd dhow them because they're neat looking.

          4 Scan Speak 2010

          10 Scan Speak 13M/8640-00

          2 Scan Speak D2905/9300

          4 Seas Excel W14CY001

          8 Seas 27TDFC with truncated frames

          8 Peerless 821214 ????? Anyone know what these are by chance?


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            2 Peerless 8" woofer

            2 Focal 4V138G not sure if thats the model number, as I can't find anything online also true with many of the Focal drivers. Think I'm doing it wrong.

            2 Focal Access 8A

            2 Focal 6M111

            5 Focal Access 6A

            8 Focal 5V4411

            10 Focal 5v4411B

            3 Focal 4V3211

            2 Focal Audiom 7K

            2 Focal 7C114S7


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              2 Focal 5K013L

              2 Focal 5K013L ARL

              1 Focal 5V412 DBL

              1 Focal 5 C212*

              1 Focal 7C4251

              5 Focal Audiom TLR tweeters, cool wood boxes!

              8 Focal Audium 7A2 Beefy 7" mid!

              2 Focal TC90TD5B

              2 Focal TPCBJM

              4 Focal T120Ti02


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                2 Focal T124TD

                2 Focal Audiom 15AX woofer, very cool 15ers!

                8 Focal 10K61714 10" woofers

                1 Focal 11V7601DB

                2 Celestion G12 Alnico Blues

                37, that's right 37 Celestion TE-AS-530-8 mids, I remember these being a buyout right? Only one was mounted.

                1 Celestion G12 Century Vintage

                5 Celestion Relic 30 woofers

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                  2 Selenium 18SWS800 Subwoofers

                  3 Selenium WPV1202 12" woofers

                  These two drivers have HUGE coils!

                  2 B&C 10NCX-8 coax drivers

                  2 B&C HPL 10HPL64-8

                  7 AR Dome tweeter/mid plates

                  4 AR SD-10580ACZR

                  1 15" Mach One woofer

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                    1 Tang Band W6-7895

                    4 Tang Band W4-1720

                    2 PHL B252-8

                    3 McCauley 6222, These are very beefy 12s, never heard of them though

                    38 2-1/2" extended range drivers

                    1 JBL 2123J

                    1 JBL 2123H

                    1 JBL M151-8

                    1 JBL 114-67000-00-B

                    1 JBL SUB1500

                    1 JBL 2155H/2416H

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                      30 Aura Sound NS6-255-8A, Stentorians on the way maybe????

                      32 Aura Sound AS525-1-9W

                      3 Aura Sound NS3-194-SE

                      14 Eminence EC-48? or DUPDG10-6-026?

                      4 Hafler Trans Nova 9300, I gave 2 to my friend

                      10 Cabasse DOM 30 Tweeters

                      4 Cabasse Dom 35 TV

                      2 Cabasse 12M15

                      2 Cabasse 21M20

                      3 Cabasse 13M15TV

                      5 Fender BH10

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                        Now for some unknown drivers, hopefully you guys can fill me in.

                        2 DV12 uncoated

                        2 DV12 coated

                        3 Dayton Audio 5-1/4" somethings

                        2 blue framed woofers, cool looking all they have on them is 707 and they're 5-1/4"

                        4 3" kevlar cone drivers that have 336408-001 on them, cool double stacked magnets

                        1 tweeter of some kind

                        2 German made tweeters

                        1 MP14RCY

                        1 Peerless tweeter

                        3 poly 12" woofers

                        2 10" woofers marked 55-1715, guessing MCM

                        4 55-1870 5-1/4" aluminum drivers, again I'm assuming MCM

                        2 weird looking drivers mounted to wood which I have to find out are Cabasse HP BC12

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                          1 55-1550 8" carbon woofer, again MCM

                          1 Neo 8

                          1 Hivi M4N

                          2 10" and 2 6-1/2" dayton passives, again didn't take pics, oops.

                          2 12" subwoofers marked 55-2330

                          6 10" versions of the one above marked 55-2325

                          1 8" woofer that shows a lot of attitude!

                          11 Davis CF GQ25-CGC 10" carbon woofers that need new surrounds

                          12 weird surround 8" woofers

                          9 15" PA style woofers, unknown cast frame

                          11 long throw 15" subwoofers with rubber surrounds

                          Now thats all of the loose drivers, onto they audio components
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                            1 Dayton FB6XG XLR Box

                            2 Wharfedale Diamond 10.SR

                            2 Sonance SB31 outdoor speakers

                            1 Counterpoint PAC-15 filter

                            1 Dayton Audio PMA250

                            1 Wharfedale Diamond 10.CS

                            2 Wharfedale Evolution2-10 speakers

                            2 Wharfedale Opus2-M2 speakers

                            2 Celestial A1 speakers

                            1 Dayton Audio flat sub

                            Probably the biggest inductor I have ever held, Though I cut the zip ties because I plan on using it to build smaller inductors.

                            1 Music Hall MMF-7 turntable with the Goldring Eroica H Cartridge which is now in my main system (even though I'm mainly digital I like to play records too)
                            This table is absolutely mint, not a scratch!!!

                            AWWWW its all cleaned up and organized now, no more of this

                            Though it did take me about a week.


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                              And done, finally. I guess I didn't need that many spots reserved. Is there a way to delete them?

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