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    My computer speakers died so I decided to build my own replacements. This was my first build, but I was in a hurry so I didn't take the time to research before I jumped into it. I liked the Overnight Sensation design but I wanted something smaller so I modified it.

    I decided to use the Denovo knock down .04 cu ft cabinets, and downsized to the HiVi B3N. I used the same crossover design and tweeter.

    I emailed tech support to confirm my plan was feasible and to get the recommended vent size (they recommended a 1" diameter by 2" to tune the cabinet to 42hz). I used the 1" ID x 4" flared port and cut it down to 2.25" (if I remember correctly) to attempt to account for the flare. I then found and used the crossover layout that Soundslike came up with.

    I am very happy with the overall sound and imaging of these speakers, and everyone that has heard them has seemed impressed as well.

    I haven't found anything too close to this in the forums, but have now seen many of the other micro cabinet designs (Quarks, Mariposas and Heliums in particular since they use the same cabinet) and so now I am wondering what others think of this design. What changes would people make to the crossover or port?

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    Actually, the B3N looks pretty good to me using the OS XO, but I'd suggest taking a listen w/the tweeter polarity switched (so . . . NOT reverse, like w/the OSes). Run them whichever way sounds best to you.
    OTOH, your port tunes that 0.04cf box to a VERY HIGH 130Hz or better (no where near 42Hz). You can easily sim the box yourself using the FREE WinISD ( from ).
    IMO a length of 7" should be much better (a tuning closer to 80Hz). These could sound very similar to the OS, except for the bass lost in the bottom octave (due to too small of a cab for those woofers - they LIKE a box as large as the B4Ns).
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