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Thinking similiar to Statement/Khanspires but ...

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  • Zephyr
    I've been wondering the same thing, it seems that active filters are impressively capable.....if you have the considerable talent required to tell em what to do. The tyranny of the blank page. Beyond that, I do truly wonder if there isn't some additional magic in the well done passive crossovers, expanding, collapsing magnetic fields of the crossover driving the voice coils. I'm hearing that each can do the job but end result will be quite different.

    Really interested in seeing what you come up with for a "keeper" design.

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  • Thinking similiar to Statement/Khanspires but ...

    There's one more build I'd like to do before getting started on a pair of keepers. If work and school don't get krazy, I'd like to have a pair of Cinderellas done sometime next Spring. They'll be a Christmas present for another BIL. Hopefully the 'keeper' build will start early next summer, but I'd like to have everything nailed down way before then.

    Then it's on to something I want long term. The Statement and Khanspire seem to be calling my name, or at least something similar to them.


    If you were to use an active crossover, would your choice of drivers remain the same? After all, it is easier to mix and match drivers with an active crossover. Suggestions? (keep it $ reasonable) New rs's are out.

    At the level of information retrieval these speakers are capable of, would using an active crossover be a step backward in sound quality? Will some "Fractal" (Bagby) information be lost in those 1s and 0s?

    What problems am I going to run into attempting this?