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Tower collaboration solicitation for a 2018 DIY event

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  • Tower collaboration solicitation for a 2018 DIY event

    I've got the itch to do a large stereo tower speaker set and road trip it to a DIY event in 2018. I'm looking for someone else to collaborate with on this to both help keep me on-track as well as to learn from/with.

    I'm thinking of mid-to-high range drivers and on the scale of a WMTMW and/or including sub (budget ~$1k-$3k/pair materials sans xo), with a careful development process (e.g. acquire 4 sets of drivers for parallel builds, driver testing, test cabinets, measurements, benchmarking against some established speakers, etc.), as well as sharing the design and process in some TBD online forum/location/website.

    I'm in Los Angeles, so I expect this to be a road trip for me in 2018 and the specific event is not too important to me (it would be my first event). You don't need to be local, but if you are, there are obvious opportunities for sharing resources. Since I'm no xo expert, if you are the xo lead then I would fully expect your name to be the "designer of record" for the project. If you aren't, we can figure out the xo together. I'm also OK with a DSP-only design (e.g. ala miniDSP OpenDRC-DA8), but I would prefer to support both an active and passive xo to make the resulting design interesting to those who don't want to have a stack of amplifiers as well as to participate in said xo development process.

    If you are interested, please reply publicly or PM me.

    This could also be an opportunity to incorporate features that I haven't seen before such as (optical) alignment fiducials/features, integrated casters/leveling feet, etc. I'm drafting a conceptual goal/concept/requirements manifesto, I'll share if there's interest in this thread. I certainly expect it to morph into a shared vision.

    I bring a solid engineering background/experience but not much speaker building experience, some woodworking and tools thereof (router, biscuiter, small table saw, etc.), LEAP5, DATS-V2, UMIK-1, professional CAD (SolidWorks, Fusion360, OnShape), o'scope, AWG, power supplies, etc. I'll soon have CV impedance-phase characterization running (for LEAP LTD models) and it's not completely out of the question for me to build a motorized lazy susan/turntable for high-resolution polar response measurements. I've done a few simple PCBs with ExpressPCB, but I'm not a professional EE. I'm presently also working on slow-but-parallel builds of the Speedsters, ZD5, and the ZDT3.5 with intended completions during 1Q2017.

    Best regards,

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    Just so happens I have a WMTMW in mind but need a partner who can do the fabrication, since I'm currently out of my house and in an apartment. I'm working with another user right now - KEtheredge87 - on a soundbar so I would suggest PM'ing him and get some feedback on working with me.

    So is this WMTMW your conception, or would you be open to my design? I'd probably only be interested if I took the design lead. My idea revolves around a speaker with very wide horizontal dispersion, but controlled vertical dispersion. This is accomplished via the symmetric layout, crossover topology, and drivers used, including the tweeter (no dome here). All available from PE and are "interesting" to the community at large I believe. I can get wholesale pricing at PE so we can get it done relatively cheaply. I had two versions in mind, a cheaper and more expensive. Both used the same mid, but the woofer and tweeter varied. A center channel would be a natural extension of the design at some point. I've already done a polar response study and it confirms what I want to accomplish.

    Since I always voice with a miniDSP nowadays I always end up with an active and passive version as a matter of course.

    If you are interested I can PM you with more details (like drivers and how the whole directivity conception works).
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      I'm certainly open on the design and not taking the lead thereof. Also, I meant to convey only the scale and complexity with WMTMW, not the specific design. I'm not an expert cabinetmaker, but I can probably pull off something along the lines of Troel's SP44 cabinets while his Illumina-66 would be more of a learning experience for me. For wider applicability, I also don't want to get too crazy in the fabrication.

      Frankly, the biggest commitments from me in this are my time over the course of the year and then road tripping to a almost-certainly-Midwest DIY event from SoCal, so I want the results to feel significant in their engineering and craft workmanship.